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Important Dates

2/14/19-  Valentine’s Day- Some teachers will have individual class parties for a card exchanges, etc. Your child’s teacher will notify you with specifics for their classroom. NWLES will not receive personal Valentine’s Day deliveries of any type for individual students. Personal Valentines gifts are for family time at home. Too many of these deliveries to our school disrupts teaching and learning. Teaching and learning will be taking place for the vast majority of Valentine’s Day! 

2/15/19- Cookie Dough money and orders are due.

2/18/19- President’s Day- No school on this day!

2/28/19- NWLES Pageant beginning at 6:30 in the school auditorium. $5 admission charge for everyone except NWLES students. NWLES students are admitted free of charge.

3/15/19- Last day to order a yearbook for $30.  All orders after this date will cost $35

3/18/19-3/22/19- Spring Break

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