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Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Although North Webster Lower Elementary doesn’t have a uniform policy, we do follow a standardized dress code. Our school has instituted this dress code in an effort to increase standards of dress, conduct and academic achievement, while also helping promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment.   

TOPS: - Polo-style shirts or t-shirts may be worn. Items of clothing should have no large cuts, frays, slits, or rips that show the student’s skin. Students may not wear tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless tops. Shirt emblems or print may not refer to drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, gang-related activities, cultural bias, or exhibit profane or obscene language/gestures. 

LONG PANTS AND SHORTS: - Pants, shorts, or skorts may be worn. Shorts and skorts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Garments must not exceed actual waist and hip measurements by more than 2 inches. Bottom garments must not have slits, cuts, rips, or frays. Pajama pants or shorts are not to be worn. Sagging is not permitted. 

BELTS: Belts are optional, but pants must fit at the waist. 

SHOES: Shoes may be either an athletic type shoe or a closed-toe shoe with a back that slides over the heel. Croc style or flip-flop type shoes are not permitted.  

Jackets: For the winter months, vests, long-sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts may be worn.  Coats that may be worn inside the buildings are to be lightweight. Students may NOT wear hoods inside the building.     

HAIR:  Hair of both male and female students is to be clean and properly groomed and of natural color. 

EARRINGS:  For safety reasons, earrings worn must be studs that fit snugly against the ear lobe. 

In addition to the dress code items mentioned previously, the following rules must be followed:

  1. Clothing must be neat, clean and properly fitted.  Slacks, shorts and skirts are to be worn at the waistline. No “hip huggers” or “low riders.”  “Sagging” is not allowed.

  2. Clothing may not display slogans or designs that are demeaning of character or promote the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, etc.  Dress that may be perceived as gang related is strictly prohibited.

  3. Clothing may not be form-fitting or too tight.

  4. Males may not wear earrings. 

  5. Caps, bandanas, doo-rags/stocking caps, curl caps and other head coverings are prohibited on campus.

  6. Dresses, skirts and shorts may be no shorter than 2” above the knee.

  7. Females may not wear garments cut low at the neckline or having armholes that reveal undergarments.  Tank tops, strapless tops, and tops with spaghetti straps are prohibited.

  8. Hair rollers, pajama pants, and house shoes are prohibited.

  9. Grooming tools, (brushes, combs, picks, etc.) are to be left at home during the school day. Metal picks are not allowed on campus at all.

  10. Clothing must be made of fabrics that do not allow a silhouette or view of undergarments.

  11. Proper undergarments must be worn.

  12. All garments must be properly hemmed.

  13. No visible Tattoos 

Students will be checked each morning upon arrival onto the campus.  Students failing to comply with dress code rules will be sent to the office to call home.  Repeated failure to comply with the dress code may result in further disciplinary actions.