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North Webster Lower ElementarySchool  Positive Behavior Support Overview


North Webster Lower Elementary School will follow the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Matrix listed in the WPSB Elementary Handbook for students both in person and/or virtual. The WPSB Elementary Handbook may be found at  









Respect Each Other


Keep Hands to Yourself




Use playground equipment properly


Use Paper towels and toilet paper wisely 


Keep all supplies in your backpack until you arrive home.


On-Target Make Smart Choices


Speak at a voice level 1


Follow The 



Listen to directions quickly


Use Toilets 



Stay on your Star


Celebrate Success

Own It!


Use Good Manners 


Use a Voice Level 0 


Play Fair


Dispose all items 

in proper places


Load Buses and Cars 



Kindness Show It!


Clean the table for the next person


Walk in line 



Take turns


Show privacy to others


Use good manners


Stay Safe At All Time


Walking Feet

Washing Hands


Walk Quickly 

And Quietly


Keep sticks, rocks, dirt and acorns on the ground


Only stand on the floor 


Follow Directions Quickly


Positive Behavior Reward System

Students are awarded CLASS DOJO points by any faculty and staff member at North Webster Lower Elementary for exhibiting positive behavior on our campus.  Positive behavior includes but is not limited to students complying with school expectations.  We issue DOJO points to encourage students to maintain proper behavior while at school, which will help decrease the number of disciplinary behavior referrals.  Students will use DOJO points to earn weekly rewards.   


Rewards may include: 

  1. Popsicles 2. Popcorn 3. Extra Recess 

  2. Treat Trolly 4. Painting with the Principal 5. Dance Party

Students who consistently exhibit appropriate behavior will be recognized and rewarded periodically throughout the school year.  To receive the weekly rewards: Students must have an 80% positive rating during the event. 


Minor Misbehavior– Behaviors that teachers handle.

First Offense: Conference with teacher and student 

Second Offense: Negative Dojo, parent contacted

Third Offense: Negative Dojo, parent/guardian/administrator conference held, and recess detention

Fourth Offense:  Major referral written.

  • Arguing

  • Eating/Drinking/Littering/Gum

  • Running in hallway

  • Horseplay that does not result in injury

  • Talking back to a teacher

  • Disrespect (attitude – rolling eyes, shrugging shoulders, refusal to respond)

  • Dress code infractions – shirt untucked, no belt, sagging, etc.

  • Cursing – inadvertent, overheard remarks

  • Spitballs

  • Throwing paper or other objects that would not cause injury

  • Taking other students’ or teachers’ property.

  • Not having books, supplies, or assignments

  • Talking in class

  • Sleeping in class or head down on the desk

  • Minor classroom disruptions where instruction and learning are temporarily interrupted

  • Late for class

  • Use of or in possession of electronic telecommunication devices (take up and turn into office)


Major Misbehavior - Immediately sent to the office with write-up; Parent/Guardian notified

  • Disrespect (willful disobedience, complete refusal to comply with reasonable request)

  • Major classroom disruption where instruction and learning come to a complete standstill

  • Horseplay that results in injury

  • Cursing – directed towards another student or faculty member

  • Bullying

  • Weapons  

  • Possessing and/or using tobacco/matches/lighters

  • Possessing and/or using alcohol

  • Possessing and/or using drugs/drug paraphernalia/anything that mimics them

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Inappropriate Bodily Contact

  • Fighting

  • Throwing objects that could cause bodily harm

  • Theft

  • Skipping class

  • Gambling

  • Leaving class without permission

  • Dress code – not in uniform, refusing to comply with dress code

  • Striking a school employee

  • Threatening a school employee

  • Tampering with someone else’s food or drink

  • Initiating a false alarm