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Visitors to Our School

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North Webster Lower Elementary School requires all visitors to obtain the principal’s permission prior to visiting the school’s grounds or its buildings.  Only those persons who have presented themselves to the school's office and who have received approval to visit may be considered authorized to visit other areas of the school.  While on campus, visitors must adhere to the rules and policies of the school.  A search by use of a metal detector by the principal or his designee(s) may be conducted upon reasonable suspicion.  The principal has the authority to contact law officials to remove unauthorized persons from the school campus.


North Webster Lower Elementary School utilizes the following method of visitor identification:


  1. Visitors must report to the office and sign-in with office personnel.

  2. A visitor’s pass will be issued, which must be worn at all times while on campus.

  3. Visitors should sign out with office personnel and return the visitor’s pass prior to leaving campus.